18 lug 2009

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Alessandra Amoroso songs and bio

alessandra amoroso
Alessandra Amoroso

AMOROSO ALESSANDRA is the winner of "Amici edition 2009"(Friends) one Italian reality Tv-show.

The 22 year olds from Galatina (Puglia region) entered the school of "Amici" ('Friends', the same reality Tv-Show winned by Marco Carta the last year).
Since the first episode and it was distinct from the start for her powerful voice, so that the critics pointed out as the likely winner of the program. Almost obvious victory for her and now opens the door for a new career in the music scene. On April 10 released its debut album that will contain among other things this new song "Stupid" presented in its final evening of Friends.
I'm very happy to find all songs sung by Alessandra Amoroso; the songs of album "Stupida" and all songs sung in the Tv-show "Amici" for 24 music videos, with many of most goods Italian traditional pop songs and love songs...

  • I think Alessandra Amoroso could become a very big new Italian singer and her voice will be famouse also in all the world, to start from South America, where, I know, Italian music is very appreciate and follows by everyone.
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Alessandra Amoroso songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Senza Nuvole
  2. E' Vero Che Vuoi Restare
    Alessandra Amoroso 2013
    Alessandra Amoroso 2013
  3. Stupida
  4. La Mia Storia Con Te
  5. Dove Sono I Colori
  6. Urlo E Non Mi Senti
Alessandra Amoroso songs lyrics

Alessandra Amoroso discography ( album):

  1. 2009 - Senza nuvole
  2. 2010 - Il mondo in un secondo
  3. 2011 - Cinque passi in più
  4. 2013 - Amore Puro

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