11 lug 2009

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Agusta-Westland AW 109 Nexus Carabinieri version
AW 109
The Agusta-Westland AW 109 Nexus, a concentrate of the best Italian technology currently available aircraft entered recently joined the line of flight of the Carabinieri. It 'an airplane completely digitized, can fly at night in full autonomy and can have camera connected directly to the centers of the policemen. This is the main use of which will be spent in support of the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri in Varese which has launched the "Safe Summer" in 2009.

With a maximum takeoff weight of 3175 kg (6300 pounds) the new airplane is at the top of the class of light helicopters Agusta-Westland AW 109 Nexus cockpitprovides a versatility of use due to the possibility to take up to six passengers in addition to the two pilots, and the substantial autonomy and power, which in turn enhance the security operations particularly over residential areas. Consider, for example, that they are equipped with two engines capable of delivering over 700 hp each, the failure of one of them this helicopter is able to continue the flight without penalty and to land in total safety, even outside airports or elisuperfici prepared (for an idea, earlier versions of the A109, would develop a maximum 800 HP, but with two engines). These features and the ability to diversify their equipment have meant that this model can be devices intended for use for police work.
The control panel is fully digital and the helicopter can fly in complete autonomy for the entire trip, thanks to an automatic pilot of the latest generation interfaced to the most modern navigation systems.
Very useful for the purpose of control of the territory and Public Order will Carabinieri cameras' Wescam, which allow you to return the areas by airplane and fly to transmit images directly to the central operational authority prepared, as well as record them immediately on board on the appropriate support.
Beyond this is the allocation of research headlights swing particularly powerful, capable of illuminating a day if necessary, areas in hours over night. For this specific need, moreover, was fully prepared instrumentation compatible with the use of special viewers' Nvg "(Night Vision Goggles, which are used just for night vision operations in air and ground). The helicopter, finally, may also carry out search and rescue land and sea (with emergency floats positioned where needed), thanks to the side of a winch and a hook for lifting loads.

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