12 lug 2009

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Quartetto Cetra
Quartetto Cetra
Il Quartetto Cetra ( The Cetra Quartet) -Lucia Mannucci; Felice Chiusano; Virgilio Savona; Enrico De Angelis - has been the most important Vocal Group in Italy.
They starts to play in 1941, and, since the end of the 40's and over 50's years the Quartetto Cetra reaps success after another, full of swing, interpreting with irony and style that characterizes many songs revenue now part of the history of Italian pop music , such as "Nella vecchia fattoria "(In the old farm) as "Un bacio a mezzanotte"(A kiss at midnight); "Vecchia America"(Old America); "Concertino", "Come un disco dei platters" (As  disc of Platters ); "Sei come un flipper"( You are like a flipper); "Sole, pizza e amore", and many others. 
And 'their music, and rhythm and carefree, who told vices and virtues of an constantly changing, from reconstruction to economic boom, the phenomenon of Hippies and the 'contestation' ( cultural revolution of '68).
But their career, of course, stopped by these events - and by history - and in the middle of '80's They were been 'old glories' of Italian music.
I want to say only one thing to that vocal group: thank for all You made for Italian Music.

  • Above: Quartetto Cetra songs ; more than 30 songs of this historical vocal group.

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  1. Why don't you add Aurelio Fierro to your singers list. He was fantastic.. pappap, Annapolis, Md.

  2. Don't forget to add Flavio Fierro the Son of Aurelio. He too is also a great singer like his father.

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