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The state will cover all the costs of reconstruction. Silvio Berlusconi yesterday morning visited the village of Onna, a few kilometers dall'Aquila, recognized by all as a symbol of destruction from earthquake, were implanted earthquake-proof, the plates on which were built housing will be ready by September (with the latest facilities will be delivered in early November).

That this a very good news , it's the first time in Italy, after a big earthquake with a big destroy where inhabitants, only 6-10 months after will has houses to live.
You could understand in some old earthquake tragedies as Campania, Neaples (1980), or in Sicily in little towns in Belice, (1972) still now many habitants lives in prefabricated houses iron very uncomfortable, sheet metal iron, hot in summer and cold in winter, now almost enables for a civilized State.
The old scandals and what's happening in Aquila and Abruzzo is the most clear and easy example of the thrues reasons why Mr. Berlusconi is loved by the most part of Italian citizens.
"The construction is earthquake-proof - the premier said - so much so that during construction workers are not aware of the shock recorded by the rest of the population. Have already been carried out on 48 plates 166, we opened nine yards out of nineteen are arriving and the furnishings and appliances for housing that since September will be delivered to those who have lost their homes or have been seriously damaged by the earthquake. Apartments will be equipped with every comfort including sponges and sheets.
I can understand why, out of Italy, people doesn't understand why Berlusconi is popular , loved and voted by italian citizens: media talks about him only for scandals or when he makes bad
statements, or he wants to appear friendly, but where he considetrated only stupid
Another reason strangers doesn't understand the berlusconi's popularity is the many crimes he accused, but, After many years that I thought that Berlusconi was only a kind of criminal, I have informed that if Berlusconi has committed crimes were only tax evasion, and other related crimes it.
In Italy 90 % of farmers are tax evasion, but only Berlusconi has been investigated and tried dozens or hundreds of times this is the reality, and this reality has changed my opinion on Berlusconi.

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