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CLAUDIA MORI , The Best Songs, Video

claudia mori
Claudia Mori
CLAUDIA MORI married Adriano Celentano on 1964 and they becomes 'The Most beautiful couple of Italian music world' , evidenced with the song "Siamo la coppia più bella del mondo"

CLAUDIA MORI borns from a poor family and, thanks to her beauty - Claudia is considerated one of most beautiful italian women - starts to work as actress to help his six brothers; on
'64 she married Celentano - a night, in secret for the pubblic - and that thing - I thing - helps the 'First Italian Rocker' to becomes a 'sex symbol', where , only few year before, was consideratd an ugly boys...
On interview, Claudia said: "As in a fable, I kissed Adriano, and the frog, becomed a Prince..."

That thing, can understand how the love between Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori was real, and how is still lives...
Claudia Mori, wins, Sanremo on '70, 
together Celentano, co-author , with Celentano of the song "Chi non lavora non fa l'amore" ( Who doesn't work doesn't make love) - video n.1 - it was the period of big social changes in Italy, where were too many people strikes... 

Some years later, Claudia stopped her career, to dedicate her life to her childrens - they has 3 sons, female all artists - , and sometimes she sings a song, or partecipates in a movie with Celentano, as Yuppy Du ( You can see here

After many, many years far from scenes, She returns in X Factor to make judge of the Italian talent Tv Show.
Celentano and Claudia Mori, yesterday
Celentano Claudia Mori 70s
Claudia Mori and Celentano, today
Claudia Mori and Celentano today

Siamo la coppia più bella del mondo by Claudia Mori and Celentano, 1967, a rare video:

Chi non lavora non fa l'amore : Cladia Mori, 1970, Sanremo:

Stringimi a te by  Claudia Mori, Adriano Celentano, 1977:

Non succederà più, by Claudi Mori, 1982:

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