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Dino De Laurentiis and Martha De Laurentiis, producers
DINO DE LAURENTIIS, 90 years old tomorrow, is one of most important movies producers of the world.
Borns in a poor family in Torre del Greco, near Naples, starts to make actor on 1937 for few scenes in a 'B movie', but he understands the career of actor wasn't right for him, but Dino loves cinema and he starts to work as producer
After many documentaris, De Laurentiis produces, as esecutiv producer of LUX film ( most important italian film company after World-War II) he produced: 

Riso Amaro (1948) directed by Giuseppe De Santis, Napoli milionaria (1950) by Eduardo De Filippo, Dov'è la libertà? (1954) by Roberto Rossellini, Miseria e nobiltà (1954) by Mario Mattoli e La grande guerra (1959) by Mario Monicelli, with Alberto Sordi and Vittorio Gassman, Gold Lion to Venice Cinema Festival .
De Laurentis was a great talent scout in Italy, he married Silvana Mangano, ( the protagonist and the sexy-bomb of Riso Amaro, the tragedy with Vittorio Gassmann, and considerated the 'state of art' of italian neo-realism ) or, more easy, the most beautiful italian actress of 50's (together Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, of course),
and a big talent as interpreter.
Dino De Laurentis, about the neo-realism, a day saids: "Journalists writes "Italian directors wants to mak the 'neo-realism'", but isn't right, the real thing is thath after W-W II, Italian economy was totally down; nobody has money and to record a movie They must went to work on the streets, because weren't theatre studios, and none had money to build its!!"
On '48 he just opens a new company: "Ponti De-Laurentiis" and they re-builds an old theatre studios, after that, he builds 'DinoCittà', a sort of 'CineCittà' (builded by Mussolini some years before, and still now the 'center of italian cinema studios'); on Dinocittà, he recorded many international colossals, just to 50's as "The ten Commandments", War and peace, Barabba, Landing in Anzio, Waterloo, on 70's... ( now the historical colossals are recording in Morocco)
As others important italian personages, also Dino De Laurentis, 'thanks' to italian politic, went out of Italy, and goes to live in USA
On1972 borns "De Laurentiis Entertainment Group" it will produces:
* Raw Deal (June 6, 1986)
* My Little Pony: The Movie (June 6, 1986)
* Maximum Overdrive (July 25, 1986)
* The Transformers: The Movie (August 8, 1986)
* Manhunter (August 15, 1986)
* Blue Velvet (September 19, 1986)
* Radioactive Dreams (September 19, 1986)
* Trick or Treat (October 24, 1986)
* Tai-Pan (November 7, 1986)
* Body Slam (November 21, 1986)
* Crimes of the Heart (December 12, 1986)
* King Kong Lives (December 19, 1986)
* The Bedroom Window (January 30, 1987)
* From The Hip (February 6, 1987)
* Evil Dead II (March 13, 1987)
* Million Dollar Mystery (June 12, 1987)
* Near Dark (October 2, 1987)
* Weeds (October 16, 1987)
* Hiding Out (November 6, 1987)
* Date with an Angel (November 20, 1987)
* The Trouble With Spies (December 4, 1987)
* Traxx (1988 direct-to-video)
* Dracula's Widow (1996 direct-to-video)
De Laurentiis' family - as very big italian family - becomes a 'dinasty' and brothers, sons and grandsons, in the times, partecipates to the work of the Company, but They also opens new important Movies Companies.
While I'm writing, Raffaella in America, - son of Dino ( the big brother of Dino ) - , and Luigi, in Italy - great-grandson of the 90 years old Luigi De Laurentiis, and with the same name of the 'boss' of that traditional italian family - continues, respectively, in America an in Italy the tradition of the 'dinasty' of Family De Laurentiis: to makes, oops: to produce movies.
On the photo on the top-right Dino De Laurentiis and his grandson Martha De Laurentiis , producers.... In the photo belove: the family of Italian producers: the De Laurentiis
De Laurentiis family

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