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Be Rho, a small town near Milan, to host the largest photovoltaic system in the world.
Will be installed on the roof of the New Fair (a local Expo), and its 270,000 square meters (equivalent to 38 football fields) will develop a peak power of 18 MW.
The panels will be capable of producing over 15 million kWh per year of electricity, enough to meet the energy needs of 6,000 families.

The new plant will prevent the release into the atmosphere of over 5,000 tons of CO2 produced in the same a year from 2,000 cars that the average displacement along 15,000 kilometers each.
Working on the start of the round at the end of September and will be completed by 2010.
The company will award the contract will have to prepare to pay out no less than 450,000 euros a year for the lease of the roof and 70 to 90 million euros for the PV power plant.
Currently, the largest of its kind is located in Zaragoza, Spain, on the roofs of the General Motors plant and a peak power of 12 MW.
Now, the largest Italian is in Serravalle Scrivia, and develops a power of "only" 4.7 MW.

PS: To build 'The largest photovoltaic system in the world' could becames a good game to play for Countries, and I think that could be a good idea...
To "think green" is important for Our sons: I'd like to leave an Earth more liveble than today, and if We will work together for it, will be possible


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