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Weapon for water war
Weapon for water war
15 August in Italy is one of most importat holidays of the Year.
That holiday, of course becomes from a religious fest 8 as all other holidays in my Country), is the day dedicated to Immaculate Conception, a Catholic religious dogma, very important ( but I think it becomes from an older paganic cult, as the big part of Catholic cults, of course..).
That popular fest takes many means, but from many years ( when i was a boy that thing exists9 between boys, girls, and guy person starts the 'Water's war'..

What is the water's war?
It's easy. the 15 august in Italy is one of most hottest days in the summer, temperature can arrives to 40° Celsius that means all need water to drink, I think that strange war started in Italian's beaches on '60's, when all italian families went for a week or 2 weeks every year for theira vacancies: boys fired - between them - balls full of water.
After the first years that becomes a sort of ' tradition'. every years, in every Italian beach on 15 August boys 'plays the water war, but that thing arrived also in the towns and in the big Cities; now, after 30 - 40 years after from first balls of water, there are special toys 'to fire water' for kids, as the rifle in the photo on right, or as you can see in the video belove - if i'll found it... -

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  1. I'd like to write useful post for who wants know italian popular stylif and traditions as that one, in the most funny way, I don't like too serious articles, I'm a 'sunny' person and I heat boring articles or books, I heated boring school books and now if I find a boring book I can't finish it..
    I hope to be understanded with ' my personal strange english language'


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