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Amedeo Minghi songs bio

Amedeo Minghi
Amedeo Minghi
AMEDEO MINGHI is a very famous italian singer and music author.
Amedeo Minghi borns in Rome on '47; He recorded his first disc on 1966, he sing and write many many songs, - for himself and others Italian Singers and Groups - , but is only on 1983, in Sanremo Music Festival - of course - he becomes famouse with '1950' , the song n. 4 of that video - playlist below.
The song '1950' is one of most beautiful italian songs and Minghi will rests on that 'particular style': Minghi's style...

As '1950', his songs talks about the past, the love, or about a woman, or describes specific moments, or 'special places', wherevery important for "The Love" - For example in the video playlist below where I added 12 music-videos, there is only one song doesn't talks about love. "Un uomo venuto da molto lontano" (A man come from far away) made many years ago, and dedicated to Papa Woytila - Minghi is very religious man -, when Pope Giovanni Paolo XXIII° made an historical pop-music concert in Vatican - we will pubblish it soon as possible - .
The Minghi's songs style builded on romanticism and the nostalgia, in his themes for the text, and the support of a good orchestras for the music, as the song he sung with Mietta.
Amedeo Minghi still now, pubblish one 'CD' every year, of course, with less success than a time, but he is still follows by his fans
for his extraordinary love songs.

  • Amedeo Minghi songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Mia vita (live 1992 Stadio Olimpico di Roma)
  2. Per sempre (live 1992 Stadio Olimpico di Roma)
  3. Qualcosa di lei (live 1992 Stadio Olimpico di Roma)
  4. Marì (live 1992 Stadio Olimpico di Roma)
  5. Vicino vicino (live 1992 Stadio Olimpico di Roma)
  6. Vivere vivere (live 1992 Stadio Olimpico di Roma)
  7. Ohi né (live 1992 Stadio Olimpico di Roma)
  8. I ricordi del cuore (live 1992 Stadio Olimpico di Roma)

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  1. Amadeo Minghi is great! I was planning to add something about him on my blog!


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