17 set 2009

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kabul italian soldiers
Iveco VTML
At 9.30 am Italian time, careful against Our military has killed 6 of 186st 'Folgore' paratroopers and wounded 4 and killed up to 10 local civilians.
From the news coming, it seems that this bomb-attack took place in the road that connects Kabul to the airport, through the explosion of a car bomb that was detonated at the passing of the "IVECO VTML LINCE" ( a new Italian armored jeep by Fiat - Iveco, on photo ) , which hitherto had saved several lives, but that it was a long time 'under fire' Taliban.

By now, the information (in some articles published in Italy) said that the Taliban had 'taken the measures' against these armored VTML Lince of Italians, even 'building' explosive special: putting anti-vehicle mines 'double' to succeed in their aim .
This time it was a kamikaze bomber in a white Toyota pickup full of explosives .
breeding seems to have the Italian convoy blew up just having crossed the first car of our convoy, killing all 5 occupants, and severely damaging the second car.
Now,there will be: the 'report' of the Italian Defense Minister, Mr. La Russa to Italian Parliament, and in a couple of days the funerals.
We, for the moment, we can not help but express our solidarity and our full sympathy to all relatives of the victims: were Our soldiers, who worked to defend ourselves; reflections military and political considerations will have to wait several days of mourning .

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