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Savage, Roberto Zanetti songs Italo disco 80s

SAVAGE, real name Roberto Zanetti, borns in Massa - Tuscany - on '56 and stars to play piano very young; as other musicians, he will plays together many groups of his region.
After to play keyboards in many italian groups, as Zucchero 'Sugar' Fornaciari, his big friend, in 1983 Roberto Zanetti decide to produce himself, with name 'Roby', the song 'Don't Cry Tonight', He'll sings it as Savage; that is the first of many success, In '80's italian disc-music appreciate in Countries of East- Europe, in these contries - as Russia - they call it "italo disco"; in the video-playlist below, we can see Russia's pubblic to remember singers as Savage better than in Italy; in east Europe Country, still now, '80's italo disco singers, are legends.
In '90's Savage continue to play music as author in the project 'Corona' ( I will review soon s possible), Alexia

Savage songs in the video playlist above:
  1. Only You
  2. Don't Cry Tonight
  3. Goodbye
Savage discography:
  1. Don't Cry Tonight (1983)
  2. Only You (1984)
  3. Radio/A Love Again (1984)
  4. Radio/Reggae Radio (1984)
  5. Love Is Death (1986)
  6. Celebrate (1986)
  7. I'm Loosing You (1988)
  8. Don't Cry Tonight (Rap '89) (1989)
  9. Good-Bye (1989)
  10. Johnny -LALA (1994)
  11. Twothousandnine (2009)
  12. Alexandra Damiani Vs. Savage - Don't Cry Tonight (2012)
  1. Tonight (1984)
  2. Capsicum (1986)
  3. Goodbye (1989)
  4. Strangelove (1994)
  5. Don't Cry – Greatest Hits (1994)
  6. Discomania (2001)

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