19 ott 2009

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Cecilia Bartoli songs of Greatest mezzosoprano ever

Cecilia Bartoli
Unique, unsurpassed, incredible, amazing, fantastic..
Cecilia Bartoli is perhaps the Best Italian singer alive, but is unknown to the Italians!!
Unbelievable, what managed 20 years of Bunga Bunga...
CECILIA BARTOLI is an actress and one of most extraodinary, awesome, incredible Italian female "mezzosoprano" voice.

Cecilia Bartoli borns in Rome in 1966 from a musician family ( her mother, father , and also her grandmother were classic singers ).
Cecilia loves to play romantic music, as Mozart and Rossini, in that autumn She made a very interesting disco called 'Sacrificium", dedicated to Italians Castrati ( Castrato) .
In XVIIIst century 400 boys, every year, were castrated to becomes 'special singers'.
That album, for me, will be very important for Cecilia Bartoli and for all classic and baroque music.
The 'castrato' singers tradition in Italy were very respected and only after a cultural revolution of 'belle epoque' Castrated stop to exist, the women started to sing in the theatres, but also after that, the 'castrato tradition' remains in south Italy for all 1800.
Farinelli and Caffarelli were the most famous italians castrated in the history, after to have studied with M° Porpora, or after studied the "Porpora's method' ( six years of musical studies; canto and solfeggio).

I think that album will be one of most important of all Cecilia Bartoli's career, sheself said 'These pièces ( about Sacrificium'), has been the most difficults to record for me, in all of my life".
PS: the videos below
n. 7, 8 and 9 are songs very awesome from 'Sacrificium'.

Above: Agitata da due venti (Vivaldi) lyrics:

Agitata da due venti,
freme l'onda in mar turbato
e 'l nocchiero spaventato
già s'aspetta a naufragar.
Dal dovere da l'amore
combattuto questo core
non resiste e par che ceda
e incominci a desperar.

Agitada por dos vientos, tiembla la ola en el mar turbulento
y el timonel asustado aguarda ya el naufragio.
Por deber y por amor está invadido este corazón;
no puede resistir ni ceder y comienza a desesperar.
  • Above: Cecilia Bartoli 'Castrati' full movie.

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  1. yah.. very nice... although.. i didn't understand the language.. but I like her voice..


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