17 ott 2009

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Luca Gaballo interview Tom Coghlan *Times journalist
What can uncover the type and level of its sources?

I can not reveal their names, but I can tell you that are of different nationalities, which are many, and which are military high level in NATO environments and leaders of high level of intelligence.
You referring several episodes Italian services would have given money to the Taliban, she sources that speak specifically of Surabi French soldiers have died?

There was more of an incident, some in the Herat, region in the West of Afghanistan, others in the Surabi region East of Kabul. We have specific references relating to the area of Surabi on payments made in that area, there was also a telephone interception but concerns the area of Herat in Western Afghanistan.
The interception has been implemented by the American secret services which took the commanders of the Taliban in the Herat area guerrilla phones under control. The American Government has raised the issue with the Italian Government, at the beginning of June 2008, they have also addressed an official complaint about this to the Italian Government. Our sources have told us that after the ambush of Surabi, the French are experts, is also skipped out in that area were made of payments.
Episodes mentioned are all linked to the Government of Mr Prodi or you have elements that suggest that this practice has continued also after, with the Government of Mr Berlusconi?
Are not in a position to say when the last payment was made.
According to you what is the most interesting aspect of this matter? That you have considered so important that it deserves the first page of the Times?
An important story to us, of course, the British Government has huge interests in Afghanistan and accusations against the Italian forces in that country are very series.
Are you aware of other payments from other nationality quotas? This practice is widespread? Or are the Italians to bribe the heads of insurgents?
There are similar accusations to other Nations as soon as the development of the Government Agency, last month, German has been accused of having made payments to seconded the insurgency in the North of the country but if we want to extend the concept of corruption we can suggest that there are several Governments that are indirectly paying bribes to the Taliban, and because employ to private companies for example carrying food to foundations and private companies employ Afghan security companies that patrol Afghan roads and we know that a large number of cases Afghan private security companies pay the individual commanders of insurgents, so, if we follow this reasoning, we see that a lot of the Western taxpayers money ends up in the pockets of Taliban leaders.
It can then say that corrupt Taliban combatants is a very widespread practice...
I believe that that is particularly in this case is that it is of direct payments, without which no other Government knew, and with the precise condition that these heads Taliban were attacking forces of the nation that pay...
If we want also American programme 'children of Iraq' is a way to pay insurgents because you do not attack Them, but in that case, the insurgents are renamed local security militia and assumes that are trained and receive some legitimacy. It is a subtle distinction.
You also makes a distinction thin in his article, saying that the armed forces but the secret services have been to make payments Italian information we have received is very specific, and it seems the service Italian secrets and our sources have also told us that the Italian army was not aware of these payments and certainly there was aware the Commander Italian to Surabi as we said specifically one of our sources, and is an excellent official and room to Surabi unity was a good drive, but these payments were made by the Italian with the objective of reducing losses Italian intelligence services because this was a political imperative.
If the practice of paying the Taliban was known by many because porprio the French were the only ones to know it?
I have said that there were many heads Taliban receiving payments but I did not say that it was a practice so widespread, indeed I do not know the exact number of masters who have received these payments.
What I do know is that the American secret service has discovered the thing and has communicated information to the British secret service, or at least with elements of that service, but I do not know whether this infromazione was shared with others.
What do you think of the reaction of the Italian and French authorities?
It is a strong reaction and are rather surprised given the confidence I have for the strength of my sources.


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