14 nov 2009

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Aurelio Fierro songs bio

aurelio fierro songs
Aurelio Fierro
AURELIO FIERRO borns the first years of '900 to a Campania's middle class family, proves, since small, with good equip with singing.
Moved to Naples, BSC engineering mechanical, but continues to exhibit to delight in the classics of the Neapolitan song.
In 1952, wins a competition for new entries and two years after Gets a significant statement at the
Piedigrotta Music Festival - end on '70's - as with great originality song "Scapricciatiello", which will remain one of his big successes. From then until the end of the 1960s is necessary as "The New King of the Neapolitan Song", so-called "smargiassa" (humoristic) , i.e. Merry and scanzonata, able to give humoristic tuning also compositions far from that appreciate.
In this period of undoubted success - also abroad, where takes many tournées - interprets several movies, from Lazzarella to "Destination Sanremo", almost always music, movies called 'Commedia all'italiana' , with big success in Italy.
From the 1970s decides to abandon the singer professional career, to devote himself to politics, to the study of the Neapolitan dialect (in 1989 publishes an authoritative and extensive 'The Neapolitan language grammar'), the management of a restaurant, without however refrain produce occasional sing performances.
In 1996 is called again on the film set by Maurizio Nichetti, Director which is interpreted in film 'Moon and the other'. The appearance is so efficient that seems can open a new career as characterist..
Below, an Aurelio Fierro's video playlist, where You can find many of most famouse and popular Neapolitan songs ever

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  1. Grazie for adding Aurelio Fierro. His nephew, Flavio Fierro is also a teriffic singer. Thanks, PapPap

  2. Aurelio Fierro has mad his history n great Italian music, and now it time for his nephew, Flavio Fierro, to do the same. Grazia.
    Dan Locaputo


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