21 nov 2009

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Camaleonti songs Italian rock band

CAMALEONTI was an Italian Music Group, famouse between '60's and 70's, but the last album is pubblished on 2004.
Borns around 'Celentano's Clan', a sort of group of friend of Adriano Celentano, the first italian musicians played rock. One of Camaleonti's first success was the fantastic '"Applausi" .
Camaleonti plays melodic rock with many love songs; on 1968 they make the biggest success of their career: "E' l'ora dell'amore" ( It's time of love) , an italian version of Homburg by Procol Harum - one of best melodic love song ever made, for me - .
As I wrote many times, on '60's, many Italian music success, from singers and groups were only Italian versions of English of Us success; as the 'copyright' was only an empty word, in that period... I know many people considers that thing a very scandal, but thanks to these 'music copies', the Italian music and Italian popular culture has had a very revolution in all things af the life.

Camaleonti songs in the video playlist above:
  1. Io per Lei
  2. Applausi
  3. Come sei bella
  4. Eternità
  5. Perché ti amo

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