16 dic 2009

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Disappearing pictures of the aggression to Berlusconi at Milan Cathedral, photo shows a Berlusconi prostrate, beaten, wounded and very weak, they would have scored in the collective Italian big point against the Premier, disappearing from those photos results, as I said, Google has done a big favor entourage in charge of the image of our Premier, who like many do not know only one image is much more important than 100 speeches in the present policy and practice is done by the media.

Not that I see pictures of Berlusconi hurt I'd be pleased, indeed, but knowing that Google has dropped so low is disappointing, really a great disappointment for someone like me, I believe a lot in Google and I commend many of my thoughts based on freedom, democracy and equality.
PS: The important thing - it seems that the purpose of many of his supporters - is it a saint, no matter how.

Often, the Italians use Berlusconi for our jokes but censorship is a serious matter, from dictatorships of the third world, moreover, Google had said a few days ago involved a meeting with representatives of the Italian government, led meeting a process in which the freedom and privacy of users of Google Italians heavily compromised 'by law' "if you want that our relations with China are like, just tell him there." (and many Italian politicians were angered, Google for how dare speak against them, in a face-to-face with representatives of the Italian government, that happened only a few days ago)

Now we have all been warned also by Google itself, the Italian internet users know that they are treated like the Chinese, without many explanations, there is no democracy in China and opponents are considered terrorists, this is what awaits us?.

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