21 dic 2009

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Cristina D'Avena: songs for children

Cristina d'avena
Cristina d'Avena
CRISTINA D'AVENA, borns in Bologna, on 1964 and only 3 years old debuts as singer in famouse italian musical Tv-show for children 'Lo Zecchino d'Oro ', a little Sanremo' Music Festival for childrens; she arrived to 3rd place, and, after, she continues to be a singer for many years 'Antoniano's Chor', one of most important italian choir for childrens, founded by the religion association inspired by Saint Antonio, and a very important solidariety association in Bologna ( www.antoniano.it ).

Cristina D'Avena, now, is a singer, actress and Italian TV presenter, famous for hes interpretation of the initials of the cartoons aired on the networks of the Mediaset Group.
When she has 17 years old, on 1981, the new private italian television, Canale 5, (the first Berlusconi's television) serching a singer for japanese cartoons, 'Pinocchio'...
After being subjected to an audition recording, Cristina, still a minor, signs an exclusive contract (which is still connected) with the label of Channel 5, Five Record (now RTI Music, incorporated in the spa ).
It'a quickly success and, one after one, all cartoons serie pubblichs by Canale 5, Italia 1 and Rete 4, the 3 Berlusconi Tv from 1981 to last years has Tv themes sung by Cristina d'Avena.
From 1981 Cristina D Avena has had a very big success between childrens and teenagers, for her children's songs and she starts to make Tv presenter of tv show for childrens.
Cristina D'Avena's voice is very beautiful, but is also very, very particular.
Sometimes her voice seems to be a boy, sometimes to be a girl and that thing is we can said Cristina is a real Star in the Italian music market for children, a star from 30 years and now she still loved as 30 years ago.
We add only the most famouse songs for cartoons

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