21 dic 2009

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Gigliola Cinquetti songs bio video

Gigliola Cinquetti
Gigliola Cinquetti
GIGLIOLA CINQUETTI borns in North Italy , Verona on '47 and, only 16een when debuts in Sanremo with 'Non ho l'età - Per amarti' - (I'm too young - For love You), becomes the youngest Sanremo Music Festival winner ever and, with the same song, only two months later, She wins the Eurovision song contest; 1964 was a great year for her career!!.
When Gigliola Cinquetti debuts on Sanremo, has quickly a big success: as You can see in the first videos, she is a very easy and 'clear' girl, that "All Italian moms would have liked to have as daughter", media says.
In the years after, she has good success, she also translates some songs in French and English languages
That image of 'good girl' remains to Gigliola, as she stopped to sing, in the late '80's, when, with a good success, starts the career of Tv presenter.
Now, Gigliola Cinquetti work as Tv presente in Rai international, a Tv You can also view in all America

Gigliola Cinquetti songs in the video playlist above:
Gigliola Cinquetti 60s
Gigliola Cinquetti 60s

  1. La spagnola (Canzonissima, 1973 )
  2. Non Ho L'età  (Sanremo, 1964)
  3.  Il Condor (El condor pasa)
  4. Tarantella napoletana
  5. La pioggia

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