31 dic 2009

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Italian High-Tech: spy satellite

COSMO SKYMED italian satellite
Cosmo Skymed
The Italian Army is not one of the most equipped armies in the world, but due to the Italian Space Agency (Asi), is at the level of excellence in the field of military satellites..
Italy, thanks to good relations with the United States of America, and the work done by the Prof. Broglio, already in 1964, put into orbit its satellite, third nation after the Soviet Union and the United States.
This primacy thanks to the efforts of universities, research centre, and Italian companies has produced years something of really excellent, but of which most of us Italian citizens know nothing.
We are not only the first in the world in fact car (Ferrari) and motorcycle (Ducati) in various championships of speed, but we are also in the very first jobs for equipment more advanced serving satellites.
For example, is almost all made in Italy 'Vega' (carrier European building advanced photo below) is a rocket developed by the European Space Agency - ESA - in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency - ASI -.

Cosmos - Skymed (above to dx picture of one of the satellites) is a system of 4 + 1 (SAR), synthetic aperture radar satellites that can be monitored throughout the basin of the Mediterranean and Europe; when it will become fully operational, four satellites will always function and there is one ' reserve.The Launcher VEGA
Radar SAR, hosted by Skymed, exploiting l satellites "Doppler effect ', is used for the path high definition objects (with 3D images) to Earth with weather and visibility, including foliage, also is able to 'see' what lies 'under land', in fact is able to understand the composition of the soil type makes the mapping and therefore can, over time, see them any modification.
This SkyMed satellites are useful to science: volcanic eruptions and landslides can be provided in advance with a significant benefit to disaster; Skymed will be the first 'satellites system' that will be used both for scientific purposes and for public order and defence.
To become aware of the amazing, exciting and futuristic capacity of SkyMed, consider that it is thanks to the scientists Italians of ESA that have mounted a SAR radar on a shuttle of the NASA, if today we are able to say that in the subsurface of Mars: 'A few metres below ground, there is water in the form of ice'.
If we then consider the civil use and military SkyMed is capable of doing, we understand the importance of this project for Italy: goes to cover areas such as the space industry, defence, civil protection, scientific research.... who knows the use if it could do that every night for the 'Bangers' illegal immigrants trying to cross the Mediterranean, think of how many 'tunnel' of latitanti that may be discovered or... more who fantasy the uses....
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