26 dic 2009

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Phones in Milan metro, coverage riches 100%

milan metro
Milan Metro
ATM, through collaboration with technology partner Commscon and operators TIM, Vodafone, Wind and 3 Italy, after only two years of existence, has completed its cellular coverage, even before the London and New York, on all three lines and all telephone operators.

Today we can talk on the phone, send messages and exchange data at all stations and in all tunnels in the subway system in Milan with the same capacity, speed and quality present on the surface. The works were completed with three months in advance and without disrupting the smooth operation of the network.

A service dedicated to quality, to offer passengers the opportunity to stay in contact with the outside world feel safer and making full and enjoyable even the time of travel. The quality and technology into being, allow to use all the options and services that mobile operators now make it available on the market.

Thanks to HSDPA, which allows you to surf the Internet by transferring data at high speed, all passengers will be able to continue its operations during the move or the expectations, not only making calls and video calls, but browsing on their favorite sites, reading or send SMS and email while traveling by subway.
All things for
Milan Expo 2015? Yes, but not only...

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