18 dic 2009

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Renzo Arbore and Orchestra Italiana, Italian songs video

Renzo Arbore and Orchestra Italiana - Italian songs video
Renzo Arbore

Below, some of the more traditional Italian songs, performed by the Orchestra of Italian Renzo Arbore.

This orchestra it's a great performer of Neapolitan music, with amazing arrangements

Finally, I can write about Renzo Arbore.
Renzo Arbore has been the first Italian Dee Jay, together Boncompagni (on radio Rai, 1965) , a showman and a talent-scout, and, of course, a musician; he plays clarinet.
He starts to play in
jazz orchestra in his town Foggia, before has been graduated as advocate in Naple, and it's Naple the town and it's the neapolitan music that he loves.
After many years of success, as Radio's Dee Jay, and Tv showman of musical shows, he continues his career alone, as film maker and producer, and in '80's he retourns to make tv-musical and Funny Tv-shows, where he has an incredible success; I remember well my father at midnight to see 'Renzo Arbore' in Rai Tv; there is in these transmissions he discovered artists as
Isabella Rossellini and Roberto Benigni, now famouses also in Usa.

On 1991, as clarinet player, he founded '
Orchestra Italiana', where he is the front man.
"Orchestra Italiana" makes concerts where Italian traditional music and Neapolitan music is loved: in all the world!!
The first success, of course has been in Italy, and few years after, in America, but also Canada, Germany, Europe, East Europe and South America.
Now, Renzo Arbore and "Orchestra Italiana", is one of best
Italian Traditional music groups, and I'm very happy to be able to show You many songs of them.
They plays only old Italian and neapolitan success, famouse in all the world .
In that playlist, there are also other videos about Renzo Arbore of his first success as Tv show man.

Songs performed by Renzo Arbore and Orchesta Italiana on the video playlist above: 

  1. Quann mamma ta fatta Renzo Arbore e l'orchestra italiana
  2. Luna Rossa - Renzo Arbore e l'Orchestra Italiana
  3. Renzo Arbore : Ma la notte no ! - sigla iniziale di Quelli della notte
  4. O sarracino luna rossa Renzo Arbore e l'orchestra italiana
  5. Era 'de maggio - Renzo Arbore e l'Orchestra Italiana
  6. Chella llà - Renzo Arbore e l'Orchestra Italiana
  7. Malafemmina
  8. Dincitacella Renzo Arbore e l'orchestra italiana

Components of Band Renzo Arbore and Orchestra Italiana: 

  1. Renzo Arbore: lead vocals, backing vocals, classical guitar, clarinet, keyboards
  2. Barbara Buonaiuto: lead vocals, backing vocals
  3. Gianni Conte: lead vocals, backing vocals
  4. Mariano Caiano: lead vocals, backing vocals, classical guitar
  5. Gennaro Petrone: mandolin, vocals
  6. Salvatore Esposito: mandolin
  7. Nunzio Reina: mandolin, vocals
  8. Michele Montefusco: classical and acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  9. Paolo Terms: classical and acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  10. Nicola Cantatore: electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
  11. Claudio Catalli: accordion, keyboards, backing vocals
  12. Massimo Volpe: keyboards, backing vocals
  13. Massimo Cecchetti: bass, backing vocals
  14. Gege Telesforo: percussion, vocals, backing vocals
  15. Peppe Sannino: percussion, backing vocals
  16. Roberto Ciscognetti: battery


  1. 1992: “Napoli. Punto e a capo” (Fonit Cetra)
  2. 1993: “Napoli due punti. E a capo” (Fonit Cetra)
  3. 1995: “Napoli: punto esclamativo! Internescional uei!” (Fonit Cetra)
  4. 1996: “Pecchè nun ce ne jammo in America?” (Ricordi)
  5. 1998: “Sud (s)” (Ricordi)
  6. 2006: “Renzo Arbore l'Orchestra Italiana at Carnegie Hall New York” (Atlantic)
  7. 2008: “Diciottanni di...CANZONI NAPOLETANE (...quelle belle)” (Gazebo Giallo/Warner Music Italy)

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