20 gen 2010

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Best Italian footballer ever: Roberto Baggio

roberto baggio
Roberto Baggio

Football or Soccer o Calcio is the sport more loved by Italians.

I wrote about the origins of football in Italy, an old sport very similar to soccer of today that we can see to play in Florence every year; a 'mix' of soccer, rugby, a sport that centuries after developed in forms now we see.
Football , called calcio, in Italy has been always or most watched sport.

  • Above: some of the Best goal of Roberto Baggio, called 'Divin Codino'

Since the 80s, when it could begin importing foreign players, with teams such as Juventus, - which is owned by the Agnelli family, owners of Fiat - the 'series' is equipped with the best players in the world, in same period Berlusconi has always been fan of AC Milan, he sensed the deal and become the owner of AC Milan was the first to challenge the hegemony of the Agnelli family in the world of football.
AC Milan, then, thanks to Berlusconi, became, along with Juventus, the team more important in Italy and, when Berlusconi entered politics and became aware that Milan gave him a good deal of consensus after further strengthens the team making it truly great.
The same thing also did many other entrepreneurs, have a team in Serie A in Italy, it means to have a considerable 'political weight', which means we can have a free advertising for their companies, as well as an ease in contracts and fees; football in Italy is one of the business for years has earned more entrepreneurs who have invested.
After specifying this important aspect of the economy and the Italian culture, we spend more frivolous things, but also the most true. See you in the past 30 - 40 years what have been the best Italian players and we also see the dress in these video-playlist below.
Of course these are my opinions regarding the skill of these players.
We start from the best: Roberto Baggio.
Roberto Baggio was born in 1967 - he was my age - he made known the Priprava skill in Fiorentina and Juventus shortly after he bought it: these were the best years in which they could express themselves in the National, where he was a of the few Italian footballer who have made a real difference.
Baggio has had serious health problems made a dozen times to the legs is always returned to the highest level, but the Italian Serie A football is ruthless and only one player can not play is considered 'finished'.
Baggio has chosen several times to take far less money and go play the smaller teams but to continue to play, to take the field, rather than in big clubs but there remained on the bench.
For this and other reasons, in addition to being a big truck has repeatedly proven to be a Great man

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