19 gen 2010

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Foreigners in Italy: problems of integration

foreigners  in Italy

Arrested the father of Pakistani girl

Always We read this news in Italy.
With more than 10 million immigrants in Italy, - officials and unofficial - most of which come from the Countries of northern Africa, the Middle East and other countries from Eastern Europe, and cases in which the cultures of origin clash with the culture and laws Italian are more frequent
He picked up his daughter in front of the reception center where is the girl he wanted to marry a fellow of 40 years that her daughter refused...

Fano (Pesaro-Urbino) - Returning from school she found a car waiting for her. We are in Fano, Marche, a girl of 17 years, Pakistan was kidnapped in broad daylight, at one and a half, under the eyes of passersby. It is the story of a family difficult, hell home: the 17 year old has been away from home for abuse, as decided by the Juvenile Court of Ancona, and living in a non-profit organization run by Cante Montevecchio. The suspicions of the investigators focus on the father, AM, a peddler who lives with his wife in Senigallia.
THE KIDNAPPED - The girl was returning to the community, a few hundred yards from the school, when he was stopped: he tried to fight, screaming and trying to call someone on her cell phone (that is, however slipped), but was forced to board a car.
Then the flight, everything was done in minutes.
Inside the car there was a second person, or an accomplice could be the mother of the girl. A witness watched closely in the kidnapping.
He saw the car, and wrote down the license plate then delivered to the police. "The girl screamed and the way they looked like those of a kidnapping," he says. A few minutes of the community for young professionals abused, where she resided, have raised the alarm and it broke the manhunt, with checkpoints on all roads in the area and the motorway exits.
The family home in Senigallia is deserted and the investigators fear that the two kidnappers have exploited the short time prior research to take the A14.
MARRIAGE - The man wanted to force his daughter to marry a compatriot, against her will. He brought to Rome, then again in Pesaro, perhaps with the desire to reach Bologna. With his father was another person, not yet identified, perhaps the mother of the girl. Almas has found the family car waiting for her at 13.30 before the community of Phoenix onlus Cante Montevecchio, where he lived for the disposal of the juvenile courts. Was returning from school, the institute commercial "Cesare Battisti", and was alone. He tried to ask for help but his captors were faster, being able to depart before the arrival of rescue. The scene has witnessed a city councilman who raised the alarm.
ILL-TREATMENTS - In the past Almas was the victim of repeated abuse and imposition by the parent who did not accept her way of living "too Western". In April, her father beat her to send her to the hospital is then taken to an alert italian Social Services and the Juvenile Court has entrusted the girl to the host communities. Akata Mahmood had done so in the Court of Appeal but the seventeen year old had begged prosecutors to find them alternative accommodation for the family. And so it was entrusted to Phoenix, where it is set, making friends and returning to school.

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