16 gen 2010

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Loredana Berté songs of Italian DIVA

loredana berté songs
Loredana Berté
LOREDANA BERTE', sister of MIA MARTINI borns in Calabria on 1950. 
After went in Rome only 16 years old, starts to play dance and sing in important Italian theatre and television programs
In that place Loredana Berté knows Renato Zero, whit him, she will move the first steps in dance, theater music and Their will always remain friends.
His eventful life has always been in the spotlight, was launched as 'sexy star' in '74 but was immediately censored.
The first big success of Loredana Berté is the song 'Sei bellissima' ('Re beautiful) , 1975.

In 1979 with 'Mare d'inverno' just to '5, when married with Bijorn Borg, Loredana Berté has many many success, but her carroier stop because Borg - and his family - doens't want to have a show girl as housband...
When Borg leave her, Loredana soffers very much and starts her psychological problems, not too big, but sufficient to make damages to her career.
Loredana Berté still one of most big italian artists; not only for her voice; as 'Madonna', Loredana Berté capaled to make a personage of herself...
'I make the fashion, I don't follow it', it's one her think, for example, in Italy, for many years, 'Paparazzi' and scandal revues sell out many copies thanks Loredana Berté...
After many year, Italian pubblic didn't seen her, when in 2004 partecipates in a little reality tv-shows is Loredana the real star - also if there are singers and groups as 'Ricchi e Poveri'...

Loredana Berté best songs:

  1. E La Luna Bussò 
  2. Non sono una signora (1982)
    loredana bertè and mia martini
    Loredana Berté and her sister,
     Mia Martini, on earliest 70s
  3. Mi manchi
  4. Acqua
  5. Dedicato
  6. Ragazzo mio  (Luigi Tenco)
  7. Parlate di moralità ( 1974)
  8. Il Mare d'Inverno (Ruggeri)
  9. Amici non ho
  10. Traslocando (Ivano Fossati)
  11. Ninna Nanna
  12. Sto Male 
  13. Sei Bellissima 
  14. Giusy e Loredana Bertè  "E la luna bussò
  15. Meglio Libera
  16. La goccia (Traslocando Tour 1983)

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  1. Loredana's more famous sister Mia Martini sang one of the most beautiful songs of all time 'Nel'Universo'... it's so tragic that she died, according to Loredana 'Alone like a dog..' very sad... Lorededana is quite strange but still has a powerful voice... the Italian equivalent of Madonna as you said!

  2. Ma la sua musica mi fa ricordare tanti momenti belli....ank la musica di Mia Martini. Tragiche le due.

  3. hello I like your blog


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