17 gen 2010

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MINA live in concert

Mina best pop singer ever
As I said many times, for me - and for many other italians - MINA is the best italian pop singer ever.
But , as You Knows, Mina stopped to show herself on 1978 (32 years ago!!) , when the concerts didn't record...
Mina - the Mother Goddess of Italian Music - sung 'on live' only in Rai-Tv in her saturday's night tv-shows, and at 'Bussola', a tend-theatre in 'Forte dei Marmi', one of more exclusives italian beaches near Viareggio - Tuscany -.

"Mina alla Bussola" was an event 1 or 2 times in a year but, I repeat, in that time also an artist as Mina didn't recorded and we're very lucky to found these videos uploaded by Mina's funs; thanx to them, and thanks to Mina and her fantastic voice, more fantastic than ever, when she sung 'live'

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  1. I really like the image... Very well composed. And I like the colors and multilevel shapes.

  2. I m a fan of Mina
    I like this articles very much keep it up

  3. Mina it's very great! Unfortunately, it is so long that she don't sing live but remains the italian best singer.

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  5. I love that concert and Mina, of course...

  6. Thank you for all the memories. I remember hearing Mina when I was a kid and in Bari as a kid visiting my family.


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