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Simone Cristicchi songs bio

Simone Cristicchi
Simone Cristicchi
SIMONE CRISTICCHI borns in Rome on 1977.
Only 17 years old he starts to play guitar and to write his songs.
Now he considerated one of best young italian song-writer.
His songs are about italian society and youngers, students and their lifes.
Society, absence of work, corruption, bad stylifes; these are the contents of Simone Cristicchi' songs.
The texts are easy, funny and humor poems to remember and we can say that song-writers as De André for texts, and Rino Gaetano for style and humor; many of his music, comes from the oldest italian traditions and italian folk music
"Vorrei cantare come Biagio Antonacci" -(I'd like to sing as Biagio Antonacci) has been his first success, after being rejected several times, succeeds, thanks to the success of the song "Vorrei cantare come Biagio Antonacci" to participate in Sanremo Music Festival, where, in 2007, he is the winner with "Ti regalerò una rosa" is the definitive consecration of Simone Cristicchi as a singer.

Despite now in its repertoire there are also songs for a wider audience, Cristicchi continues to write and sing songs of complaint and protest, as 'Genova brucia' - "Burns, Genoa" which is the complaint of aggression by the Italian police against demonstrators, 27th G8 summit in 2001 which was held in Genoa, where, in 3 days of manifestations, has been transformed in 'riots', after a young man was killed by a pistol shot of a policeman.
That event is one of more important internal political events in Italy just to '92 'Mani Pulite', but despite this event, there were 300,000 participants were deleted from the memory of people just on 9-11...

Belove: the song: Mi manchi (2013)
Simone Cristicchi songs:

  1. Vorrei cantare come Biagio (2005);
  2. Studentessa universitaria (2005);
  3. Senza (2006);
  4. Che bella gente (2006);
  5. Ombrelloni (2006);
  6. Ti regalerò una rosa (2007);
  7. L'Italia di Piero (2007);
  8. La risposta (2007)
  9. Meno male (2010)
  10. La vita all'incontrario (2010)
  11. Il cane (2012)
  12. Mi manchi (2013)
  13. La prima volta (che sono morto) (2013)
Simone Cristicchi video

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