21 apr 2011

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Umberto Balsamo songs bio

Umberto Balsamo songs bio
Umberto Balsamo
Umberto Balsamo was born in Sicily in 1942 and moved to Milan where already very young began to study guitar.
Balsamo is the author and the interpreter of the song 'Balla' (Dance) in 1979 was a huge success in Italy, a clear recovery from the typical music tradition of southern Italy of the "Pizzica and Tarantella" with whom he has sold over a million copies .

Balsamo had already reached success in 1976 with "L'angelo azzurro" - The Blue Angel - song that I remember with great affection, and that at the time, I tried to play with my piano.
These are the two best-known songs Balsamo.
Here, most beautiful videos of 'Balla' and the greatest success of Umberto Balsamo:

Umberto Balsamo songs in this site:

  1. L'angelo azzurro

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