17 mag 2011

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Alice Battiato and Italian Songs of '80s Videos

Alice italian singer

ALICE is linked to Battiato Franco, one of most important Italian song authors.

Alice borns in Forlì on '54 and just to 18een partecipate to Sanremo music Festival, but is only on 1981 with song 'Per Elisa' (For Elisa), wrote by Battiato, she wins Sanremo.
I remember very well those years when I played the piano and Italian artists did not like much.
One day I saw Alice, and perhaps for its beautiful presence I fell in love madly.
It was the song 'Per Elisa' which was so successful that in the academy that I attended all the piano students learned very quickly to play this piece.
Alice, in those years immediately began to be very popular throughout Europe, especially Germany, where the song writing has always been very popular and where it can be said to have sold more records than in Italy.
The recent years, Alice continued to write and sing songs that we could define the kind of song writing, did concerts, has released albums, including one in particular, the 'Platinum Collection' published March 15, 2011, with all of his most significant pieces, but has not had great success with the public whom he met when he worked for years with Franco Battiato.


Here, the most beautiful songs of Alice:
  1. Per Elisa (1981)
  2. I treni di Touzer

Discography of Alice (album)
  1. 1980 - Capo Nord
  2. 1981 - Alice
  3. 1982 - Azimut
  4. 1983 - Falsi allarmi
  5. 1985 - Gioielli rubati
  6. 1986 - Park Hotel
  7. 1987 - Elisir
  8. 1988 - Mélodie passagère
  9. 1989 - Il sole nella pioggia
  10. 1992 - Mezzogiorno sulle Alpi
  11. 1995 - Charade
  12. 1998 - Exit
  13. 1999 - God Is My DJ
  14. 2000 - Personal Juke Box
  15. 2003 - Viaggio in Italia
  16. 2012 - Samsara (album)

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