5 giu 2011

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Homo Sapiens Italian band 70s

homo sapiens group
Homo Sapiens, now

HOMO SAPIENS is an Italian pop band of '70's.

Homo sapiens band wins, on '77 Sanremo Italian music fest, with the song "Bella da morire" (Drop Dead Gorgeous).
Homo Sapiens is a Tuscan group born in the late '60s, formed by: 

  1. Claudio Lumetti (drums, vocals), 
  2. Maurizio Pellegrini (keyboards), 
  3. Maurizio Mazzanti (bass), 
  4. Maurizio Nuti (guitars).

After the success of latest '70's, the Homo Sapiens strengthened their staff in their concerts and introduced the formula 30 years ago in a proposed addition to its success than other interpreters with a given range of genres and styles.
Below, the best songs of Homo Sapiens:

Homo Sapiens Songs on that video playlist:

  1. Homo Sapiens - Un'estate fa
  2. Homo Sapiens - Tornerai Tornerò "1975-2009"
  3. Bella da morire homo sapiens
  4. Homo Sapiens - Bella da Morire "1977-2009"

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