21 lug 2011

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GIGI FINIZIO Neapolitan songs of love

gigi finizio
Gigi Finizio
GIGI FINIZIO borns in Neaples on 1965, Gigi Finizio is a Neapolitan singer and songwriter.
His songs of love are very popular in Naples and everywhere, all over the world, you speak the language of Naples, but is not very famous in Italy, despite selling a lot more, every time a new song this singer public, is in fact one of the singers Neapolitans most appreciated and followed in His land.
They are the so-called neo-romantici (neo-romantics), the Neapolitan singers as Gigi Finizio, who sing of love with soft music, melodic, and many of these singers are considered close to the 'Camorra', organized crime in Naples ....
I personally do not really like this style of music, but I have to say that the more you listen to these songs and more look beautiful ...
Below, some of the most popular songs of Gigi Finizio:

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