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Best Italian clubs: Baia Imperiale

baia imperiale
Baia Imperiale
The Baia degli Angeli (Bay of Angels), now known as Baia Imperiale (Imperial Bay), is one of the most famous Italian clubs. It is located in the hills above Cattolica, on the border between the provinces of Rimini and Pesaro (Adriatic Sea), and attracts audience from all over central Italy.
It was opened in 1975, and soon became famous for his afro.
Hundreds, thousands of boys, especially in the early 80s went to the 'Bay of Angels' Bay Imperial hour from all over Italy, was a meeting place, and transgression of fun without limits, as in those days there were a few in Italy.
At the time, was almost the most popular nightclub parking lot - where tens of hashish dealers worked hard - that the club itself.
The 'Baia Imperiale', is situated in the hills behind the Adriatic coast, one of the most famous beaches in Italy and attended by more Riccione, Rimini, Italy one of the places where there is the biggest range of fun summer.

It was music to make the place famous throughout Italy. Tirotta, owner, the was traveling on business in the United States and attended New York disco scene. In the mid-seventies, in New York the trendy club had supplanted the "ladder" of traditional dancing, which provided for the rotation of five pieces of five parts with fast lenses (used universally followed, even in Italy). DJs spin dance music always and only for the entire evening, mixing a song with the other. Tirotta liked this idea and decided to import it into Italy. In a room listened to the selections Season of Tom and Bob Day and signed them to his restaurant. The Baia was then one of the leading Italian clubs playing dance music "fast" non-stop.
The Baia also became the first club in Italy to close at 6 o'clock in the morning, these characteristics made ​​the room very popular, and gave him national fame. Was launched from the roof of a laser beam, as a "comet" for the people of the night, so he knew where to get the local orientation. Again the Baia was the first in Italy.
On 1985 after a total makeover with the name of Baia Imperiale; the room to be more than twenty years comes as a huge Roman villa of the Augustan age, and became famous in Europe for the high level of theming. Many popular Italian films (Abbronzatissimi, SPQR) and television series as well as some summer programs, often had as background the imposing front steps, with high columns and statues located on either side of Neptune.
Many places have sprung up in Italy in the late eighties, drew inspiration from the Baia Imperiale also choosing a style theming Imperial Rome.
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