27 ott 2011

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Gianni Celeste: Neapolitan melodic singer

gianni celeste
Gianni Celeste
GIANNI CELESTE is another new Neapolitan melodic singers.
Gianni Celeste was born in Sicily in '64, and as a child remains haunted by the Neapolitan song. His first album is 85, "Ricordo d'estate" (I remember the summer), has sold 50,000 copies, making it one of the best known exponents of the new Neapolitan melodic song.
Gianni Celeste is one of the leading exponents of the new Neapolitan melodic song, and one of the most appreciated by the Neapolitan public, of the genre. Gianni Celeste continues to release albums and have a great success not only in Naples, but now with all those people who love this genre.
Here are the greatest hits of Gianni Celeste:

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