14 ott 2011

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De Andrè: a tribute

de andré
De André
De Andrè was one of the greatest Italian poets of the twenty-first century.
Poet, musician, performer, songwriter, admired, copied, praised and loved by the vast majority of the Italian public, De Andrè was an anarchist, an intelligent, creative, generous, fond of particular cultures, a point of reference for artists, musicians, songwriters and singers of all ages, perhaps the largest, with Battisti and Mina that the Italian folk music has given birth.
De Andrè has been interpreted, reinterpreted, copied and is still sung by the young Italian novice trying to sing, to play.

The songs and ballads of De Andrè are still the test and study of thousands of kids who come to the music in Italy.
Here is a tribute to Fabrizio De Andrè, his songs are interpreted by the best Italian singers.
Here, however, you can find all the greatest hits of De Andrè.

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