24 ott 2011

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Holidays in Italy: La Corsa dei Ceri di Gubbio

corsa dei ceri
La corsa dei ceri
La "Corsa dei Ceri", (Race of Candles) of Gubbio - Umbria - is one of the most beautiful, ancient, extraordinary, amazing, crazy, spectacular, unique and absolutely a living manifestation of Italian history, if not the oldest Italian folklore display. 
In fact, even if there are more than 800 years, since 1160 a.C. that this amazing and crazy party takes place, not a historical festival, a celebration today, very current.
The citizens of Gubbio when it arrives on May 15 and September 15 stop, if you live outside Gubbio take leave and return to their city.
Corsa dei Ceri di Gubbio

It 'a whirlwind of emotions live the Corsa dei Ceri in Gubbio, a lump in his stomach that takes you and accompanies you throughout the day, when the candles are' lifted ', the wild ride to the summit of Mount Ingino to evening, when the taverns open and thousands of people sings, dances, and they fight for the entire Gubbio.

I could write pages and pages on the traditions, the preparations of the Corsa dei Ceri, but this event is to be lived rather than to describe, because so many words you can say the Corsa dei Ceri, but I wanted to offer a video - below - so that can realize the uniqueness of this extraordinary day, called in English "Saint Ubaldo Day, Wikipedia"
It 'a party life, and it tells a person who has participated in this festival only 2-3 times, though I live 30 miles from Gubbio... must see for Your next holidays in Italy
Each candle weighs 300 kg = 660 lbs, and is brought about, but it's not the weight of the difficulty: the difficulty is that of keeping the candle in balance, is to run with so many pounds on his shoulders, running uphill , running downhill, into the crowd, all when everyone is completely drunk, and of course while doing all this, every person who carries a candle, is 'changed' during the race with another, and this must be done without drop the candle, why?
There is not who wins or loses, the honor is the prize, the candles start in a certain sequence and always arrive in the same sequence, but I assure you, that men who carry the candle have the physique of players American football, to make you understand, and of course they never do a workout because the candles must be inside the church until the day of Saint Ubaldo ....
Bring a candle, to help their team, for even a few meters is an honor, and even today, after 800 years, a boy becomes a man in Gubbio after he took the candle, the day of Saint Ubaldo...
Update: Corsa dei Ceri 2012: "The start":

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