23 ott 2011

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Italian crime movies 70s

italian crime movies 70s
Italian crime movie
In the '70s, in Italy as terrorism and organized crime had brought terror to the public. A series of films described those events and the mood of the time, where the vast majority of people felt a strong need for order and security.
"Paura in città" - Fear in the City - is one such film. Filmed in Naples in the chase scene in motion one of the best and gives an idea of how you actually live in the problem.

This type of films in Italy at the time was considered to be snubbed and 'B movies', but lately have been very re-evaluated, by artists such as Quentin Tarantino.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umbria In fact, it is obvious that such a scene was filmed live without that traffic had stopped, and often even local authorities were warned ... The harshness and beauty of these scenes is also due to these factors, in addition to the great skill of stuntmen and cameramen.
Belove, one of best scenes of Italian crime movies:

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