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Monica Bellucci: most beautiful Italian women

Castello or "Città di Castello" is a little town near Perugia.
Monica Bellucci borns in Castello on 1964 and lived there.
Monica began studying at the university, the faculty of law.
Monica Bellucci: most beautiful Italian women
Monica Bellucci
Monica was already a beautiful teenager who had won some beauty contest in school, and college, she began to do some work as a model to pay for her studies already.

In 1988 she was called to work in Milan, where does the fashion shows, this is the period in which it leaves the university to devote her life to the fashion.
Coming right up success for Monica Bellucci does photo shoots for Pirelli (the famous Pirelli Calendar), and other agencies of fashion; between 1988 and 1990 became a famous model in the field of fashion, and much sought after among photographers.
Monica Bellucci starts to make fashion shows for the most important Italian fashion designers, as Dolce & Gabbana and many others.
In the '90s, Monica Bellucci began working as an actress.
Monica was called by some famous filmmakers, because of its beauty typically Italian, and early in his career, was highly criticized because he did not know acting.
Bellucci, then began to study acting, and now, is a good actress.
Monica is married with a fotograto Italian first, then with the famous actor Vincent Cassel, with whom she had 2 daughter, but now their marriage seems to be over.
Here are some beautiful photos of Monica Bellucci:
monica bellucci hot

monica bellucci malena
Monica Bellucci on "Malena"
monica bellucci dobermann
Monica Bellucci on "Dobermann"

monica bellucci vincent cassel
Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

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