27 ott 2011

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New Neapolitan melodic singers ( cantanti neomelodici napoletani) are actually one of the most interesting Italian music phenomenon.

And this is the truth.

New Neapolitan melodic singers, even if they are criticized, as well as the style for collusion with a certain crime organization (camorra) , even if they are snubbed, shunned, despised, ignored, looked down upon by most of the Italian music critics and - especially - by Italian majors, even if their style is simple, sometimes very simple, are in reality the Italian singers who sell more - even if in black - are the most loved - even if only a slice of the Italian population, in short, I'm a real big beautiful phenomenon of Italian music.

These are the songs of the districts of Naples, Naples hinterland are the songs are songs about love and betrayal, are songs about jealousy and lust for life, are the essence of the Neapolitan song ...

Why not enjoy new Neapoloitan melodic singers? Why do not you listen? In fact, the Italian music plays in 'song' one of its cornerstones, one of his important and ride to new Neapolitan melodic singers big, so we can begin to allow us first to listen to these guys that are doing a great deal of effort to write, produce and sing songs, then who knows maybe we can even begin to give him a little more value, at least that to which it They actually, I wonder if, in this economy will be devastated - finally - They also make a contribution to the culture, tradition, and why not the Italian finance? ...

Here are videos, photos and the most beautiful songs of the most important new Neapolitan melodic singers .

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