25 ott 2011

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ROSARIO MIRAGGIO neapolitan singers

rosario miraggio
Rosario Miraggio
Rosario Miraggio was born in Naples in 1986.
Son of Art, Rosario decides to chase the career very young, following the same footsteps of his father. Took its first steps in musical duet with his father 8 years in a song entitled "Io canto a te" At 10 years shows his talent during a competition at the Palm Theatre, winning the award for "best emerging voice" being rewarded by Mario Merola. At the age 'of 12 years he recorded his first album, "La Professoressa Daiana" record job not advertised, and published with the release of only a few copie.Dopo 12 years begins to make his first experiences performing alone in street festivals and ceremonies. After a while, begins to appear in some television Naples.

Takes up to 18 years with his new album "Amore in 3 parole" does not work that brought him little satisfaction, and that paved the way on the stage of Neapolitan music. Duets in this album on the song "a love on the phone" with the talented Stephanie lay, and, with Franco Moreno in song dedicated to his father "cant'cu'mme." In June 2006 the album "I sing to you" .
Rosario Miraggio He is also having good success with the public in Naples and is considered one of the new emerging singers of the Neapolitan song, one of the so-called neomelodici, or neo-romantics.
Here are the best songs of Rosario Miraggio:

Rosario Miraggio songs

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