25 ott 2011

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The tragedy of Italian politics

tragedy italian politics
The first Italian politicians have spent the decency in the early '60s, then ... then I went more and more worse, now, with Berlusconi and C. have reached levels beyond imagination ... the civil
I admire Mr Berlusconi for his complete innocence to reality, I admire the fact that in addition to having built a financial empire has built a world all its own which, indeed, may well believe, the tragedy is that I'm afraid that many of the Italian really believe ....

All this pantomime helps us to not think of the real problems we have in Italy: a bloated bureaucracy and extravagant, the total lack of raw materials, the fact that Our unique resources - tourism and culture - are not exploited even by 20% than it could produce if and only if they used this, only thanks to private, nepotism, not to mention crime,
organized crime and the worst of all: the white-collar crime.
We are in a global economy in recession, no help with renewable sources and the rubbish is coming to us to the terraces, there are 4 billion people who have professional media than we Europeans and we Italians in particular, but are content to salaries that are 1 / 5 than ours, the world's banks are lending money that does not have credit?
Well, instead of talking and finding solutions to these problems, we look at the little theater of Italian politics: pleasant, ironic and sarcastic, why not? We've always done, so then the problems will resolve themselves. And 'This is the philosophy of Italian politics for at least 30-plus years, I do not see why change it would be too destabilizing to be a people-accountability - chronologically speaking Unification of Italy - the first Church, then the State, and now the parties ...

No solutions to these problems if you can not see them!! ...

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