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Trio Lescano Italian Music under Fascism

Trio Lescano Italian Music under Fascism
Trio Lescano

A life truly amazing that the three sisters go down in history as Trio Lescano.

Alexandrina said Sandra, said Judith Giuditta and Catharina or Catherine Kitty said.
A life that most of us, born after their great success, and did not know that the TV drama Swing Girls 27 and broadcast on September 28, 2010 by Rai Uno - with Andrea Osvart, Lotte Verbeek, Sylvia Kristel, Giuseppe Battiston Sergio Assisi and Marina Massironi - has reconstructed very well.

First we must think of an Italy in which to dominate the media scene was the radio, run EIAR - now Rai  - (Institution Auditions Radio-Italian) first means of dissemination of a message also politically popular. Despite the cost of radios is not very low, the Italians make sacrifices and try to buy them and then gather in the evening around this wonderful tool for listening and especially music. "The songs quickly became the genre most popular among radio listeners of all social classes."
In this context, the three sisters arrive Leschan (at first two of them with the mother), Dutch Jewish family with those voices "right" for a repertoire carefree, childlike and swing.
The book in a couple of chapters Eschenazi rebuild their mysterious arrival in Italy, and especially in Turin, then capital of the radio, and the equally mysterious to early career success after all almost unpredictable.

The Lescano, who was originally inspired by the Andrew Sisters, you had to measure historical events larger than themselves. Their mother was Jewish and this has made them the object of benign attention recently by the regime, even though at first he tried to bind them to his cause. Do not you ever declared fascist and this put them into further trouble, insomuch that they were accused of transmitting coded messages to the enemy with their songs.

Are moved away from Italy for some years to come and collect successful in Argentina.
But is the music and words, the real key to the success of the Trio Lescano.
The music comes directly from overseas, from America, is the swing, a new music, revolutionary for Italy, the homeland of Bel Canto, compelling music that you can not hear you standing, sitting: ballad goes.
But words can not joke: it talks about love, courtship, Eros, explicitly, in a time when the Catholic Church in Italy still had an immense burden in Italian culture, but in which fascism was revolutionizing the whole a system that immediately liked this kind of music, until he began to look with suspicion, was the worst enemies of music: it was the music of the Negro!
The Trio Lescano plays the best Italian songs during the fascist period, here, a video playlist, enjoy:

Trio Lescano songs in the Video Playlist above:

  1. Trio Lescano - Tulipan (1940)
  2. Swingitaliano Trio Lescano .Oh Ma Ma, 1939
  3. Swingitaliano Trio Lescano .Oh Ma Ma, 1939
  4. Trio Lescano e Maria Jottini - Maramao perchè sei morto
  5. Trio Lescano -La Gelosia Non è più di Moda (Jealousy is no Longer Fashionable) -1939
  6. Trio Lescano - Bombolo (versione blue dolls)
  7. Silvana Fioresi & Trio Lescano- Pippo Non lo Sa- 1940
  8. Silvana Fioresi & Trio Lescano- Pippo Non lo Sa- 1940
  9. Emilio Livi & Trio Lescano - Non Dimenticar le mie parole (Don't forget my words)1937
  10. Trio Lescano-Camminando Sotto la Pioggia-(Walking in the Rain) 1941

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