23 nov 2011

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FUNKOFF: Italian marchinband (Funky and Jazz)

funkoff italian funk
FUNKOFF is an Italian marchinband.
Borns near Florence in 1998 sounds funky, soul, jazz, Latin and rock, creating an interesting mix of music.
In Italy, the Funkoff are not very popular among the general public, but certainly are a good band and are in great demand at parties and events in all of central Italy, Umbria Jazz, which often exhibit, and other summer events where the walking their particular way of playing is appreciated
Here you can find their official site www.funkoff.it and, following their performance


Above: Funkoff at Umbria Jazz, where even this year, are back making music.
The Funkoff, as you can see, besides playing, dancing, and this makes their performances very beautiful.

Here is a video playlist with some of the best songs we could find on YouTube of Funkoff, good fun.

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