7 nov 2011

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L'Aura Abela Songs Biography Discography Video

l-aura-abela songs biography
L'Aura Abela

L'Aura Abela was born on August 13, 1984 in Brescia Her debut recording in 2005 with the album is Okumuki, preceded by the single Today he got a good success in sales and radio spins. 

We can say that this was the song, along with Radio Star is a fable, with which it started to become known.
But the boom has had in 2006, with the participation in Sanremo Italian Music Festival. The song "Irraggiungibile" (Unreachable), but it has not reached the final, it has become over time, perhaps, the most representative song for her. Intense voice and shaped his songs have a good success among the Italian listeners. The June 8, 2007 here that sees the Luica Demian: the first single chosen "Non è una favola" (is not a fairy tale). Gets a good airplay and consensus discrete public. The second single, a duet with Max Zanotti, 'Is for you', do not particularly shine. The two songs are not able to take off the album, after just three weeks, leaving the top 100 of best selling albums.
That's the way back to Sanremo in 2008 with Basta! Reached the highest position in the individual: the nineteenth step. The song is included on his third album, L'Aura, and wins the prize for Lunezia text. The June 21, 2009 took part in the Friends for Abruzzo and then recorded some songs for the soundtrack of Walt Disney.

Riton in 2010 and changed its name: The aura is enough, that's Aura Abela. The first single is "Come spieghi" (How do you explain) from the LP "Sei come sei" (Do as you are) compiled and included in the film "Uomini contro donne" (females against males). Peak touched by his new job, the fiftieth in the rankings Fimi (Italian Music Federation Institution). In 2011 duet with Nathalie for the song "Vite sospese" (Live suspended) in Sanremo.
In July 2011 L'Aura reappeared to music with the single "Gira l'estate" (Turn the summer). A very slight piece, away from the screens started singing 'committed', and is ottobrche comes out with a new single that precedes an album due for release before Christmas.
Here are the greatest hits of L'Aura:

L'Aura Abela Discography:
Gira L'estate (2011)

  1. Gira L'estate

Sei Come Me (2010)

  1. Come Spieghi
  2. Eclissi Del Cuore
  3. Sei Come Me
  4. Mi Fai Impazzire
  5. Penserai
  6. Invisibile

L'Aura (2008)

  1. Basta!
  2. Irrangiungibile
  3. Radio Star
  4. Today
  5. E' Per Te
  6. Non Qui, Ma Qui
  7. Cos'è
  8. Demian
  9. One
  10. Non E' Una Favola
  11. Una Favola
  12. Nell'aria
  13. Bocca Di Rosa
  14. Radio Star Live

Demian (2007)

  1. Le Vent
  2. One
  3. E' Per Te
  4. Beware! The Modern Eye!
  5. I'm So Fucked Up I Can Barely Walk
  6. The River
  7. I Just Want To Grow Old
  8. Non E' Una Favola
  9. I'm With You
  10. Demian
  11. Hey Hey
  12. The Doors
  13. Turn Around

Okumuki (Sanremo Edition) (2006)

  1. Irraggiungibile
  2. Today
  3. Radio Star
  4. Una Favola
  5. Demons (In Your Dreams)
  6. Piove
  7. Dar Lin
  8. Breathing
  9. Degli Alberi
  10. If Everybody Had A Gun
  11. Alice
  12. Domani
  13. Lettere D'amore
  14. Mr Oh!
  15. Life On Mars

Okumuki (2005)

  1. Demons (In Your Dreams)
  2. Una Favola
  3. Radio Star
  4. Piove
  5. Breathing
  6. Domani
  7. Lettere D'amore
  8. Alice
  9. Mr Oh!
  10. Today
  11. If Everybody Had A Gun

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