3 nov 2011

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MODENA CITY RAMBLERS: Italian Political Songs

modena city ramblers
Modena City Ramblers
Modena City Ramblers is an Italian group, one of most important that play Italian political songs.
Modena City Ramblers began their musical career in 1991 playing Irish folk music style, coming now to have musical influences including Balkan.
The repertoire of the Modena City Ramblers is a highly politicized.
The Modena City Ramblers were a group of friends who were playing just for fun, sometimes they were 6 to 7 times to 11 times ...

With time this group has been known and appreciated in the various feasts that the former Italian Communist Party organized and became famous.
Now Their repertoire ranges from songs socialist and communist academic historical writing their songs, but always with a highly politicized content.
The following are the most beautiful songs of Modena City Ramblers, enjoy:

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