11 nov 2011

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NEGRITA: Italian Rock Band

negrita - italian rock band
The Negrita is an Italian rock band from Arezzo, Tuscany, and now having a good success throughout Italy.
The Negrita start singing in the early '80s, in but only in '94 started to be known, and in '99 when they write a soundtrack to a comedy that finally have a great success, winning a disk platinum.
From 2004 onwards, every year they released an album that has always had some success in sales, and it is only last month the last publication.

The Negrita, a band is a bit special, is the classic rock band, who were kids, playing in a garage, and after years of small live-concerts, managed to be successful, an American Dream in Italian soil.

The Negrita, are not yet well known outside Italy, but we are sure that with time, be able to succeed even outside our country: Negrita Band has talent and ability, which allows.

Below, the most beautiful songs of the Negrita:

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  1. If you like Italian music you should listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3jZAjEzbd4&feature=feedlik
    An Italian songwriter made a cover of it.
    Rate this one, subscribe his channel and add him on Facebook!


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