29 nov 2011

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The most seductive Italian women: Lucrezia Borgia

lucrezia borgia most seductive woman
Lucrezia Borgia
Lucrezia Borgia lived 39 years, was daughter, wife and daughter of Pope Alexander Borgia, had three husbands (one killed), many lovers, nine children, one illegitimate, had from his father or brother, of which he was secretly in love .

Tradition has it that beautiful, corrupt and perverse, passionate frequenter of orgies in the Vatican palaces ... .
Perhaps this is not the whole truth, perhaps Lucrezia Borgia was only an instrument of political interests of her family.

At twelve years the father engaged to a Spanish nobleman Don Gaspar da Procida, but broke his promise when he thought he could get more from the marriage of his daughter, just thirteen years old, with a noble Italian: Giovanni Sforza, Lord of Pesaro, but this
marriage was declared invalid because Lucrezia was used for other purposes to the Pope, the fact he married the son of the King of Naples ...
Then Lucrezia Borgia began to rule, the first small town, then increasingly large and important, she was good and intelligent, in the second part of his life, after having administered, well, many families for years devoted himself to religion and to the redemption of sins, but what sins?

As for the rest of his family Borgia, during and after its life Lucrezia was the subject of gossip and accusations. 
His scandalous reputation is interrupted during his time in Ferrara, in which "no longer had touched the gossip," Indro Montanelli wrote in his History of Italy, and then resume the death of the Duchess. 
The most insistent voices that depict as "a sort of Messalina, scheming, murderous, corrupt, not succumbing, but an accomplice of his father and brother," were recovered and handed down to posterity, and reported in the chronicles and pamphlets from the numerous enemies of the Borgias : including the Sannazzaro (he called Lucretia "daughter, wife and daughter" of the Pope) the bridge, and Guicciardini.
The famous charge of having had an incestuous relationship with his father, was launched by Giovanni Sforza.

About incest with his brothers, there were malignant insinuations that Caesar had him murdered his brother Giovanni, not only because it interfered with his political plans, but because jealous, because it was preferred to "love shared by his sister Lucrezia," says the Guicciardini in his History of Italy. How to write an English biographer Lucrezia, Sarah Bradford, the relationship that bound the Borgia brothers was very tight, especially the one between Cesare and Lucrezia, "who had committed incest or not, no doubt Cesare and Lucrezia loved loved more than anyone Another mutual faithfulness and maintained until the end. "

Who was it, really, Lucrezia Borgia murderess? 
A good administrator? 
A loving daughter or a wicked man-eating?
A daughter used unwanted by her family, a whore of the court and certainly beautiful, beautiful as the photos taken from books, short stories, plays, films, poems and pictures here below:

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