17 nov 2011

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Umbria Ensemble: chamber music from Italy

umbria ensemble
Umbria Ensemble
Renowned soloists and chamber musicians of high artistic value that can each boast considerable experience and recognition in cross-linguistic areas and innovative: this is "UmbriaEnsemble (here the official site)", whose noble and solid classical education was the necessary impetus for artistic research and awareness open to changing styles and musical language of the educated.
From Romanticism to the avant-garde movements - its talent landed the most diverse genres of music - up to the most recent expressions of today's music, the repertoire and interpretive approach of "UmbriaEnsemble" has a vital dynamism that leads them to confront and to produce concerts and performances in collaboration with the most interesting arts (Theatre, Cinema, Dance) Umbria, in the belief that the boundaries between the arts and languages ​​are purely academic. 

The essential assumptions and characterize the activity of the ensemble are in fact the quality parameter always exemplary and open confrontation, never ruling with new artistic and cultural proposals.
Below a video of chamber music from UmbriaEnsemble:

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