20 nov 2011

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Vincenzo Bellini Italian classical music

vincenzo bellini
Vincenzo Bellini
Vincenzo Bellini has been one of most famous author of Italian classic music and opera composer, with big opera as Norma, I puritani and La sonnabula.
Bellini borns in Catania - Sicily - on 1802 and dies in France only 34 years old, only after you know the Italian song, indeed, the Italian opera in France
Equipped with a prodigious melodic vein, Bellini dedicated his short life to the composition.

His talent in the most chiseled melodies of limpid beauty, still retains an aura of magic, while his artistic personality is difficult to frame within the leaves historiographic categories.
As a result, some 'tunes' of most important works of Vincenzo Bellini:

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