19 nov 2011

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X Factor
X Factor
The fifth Italian edition of X Factor started a few days ago.
Also this year it is hoped that the television music program is broadcast from 2011 to SkyUno can give us a new Italian musical talent.
Here is the site where you can watch X Factor Italy, and where you can stay up to date on the most interesting singers this year.

.The edition, was bought by Sky Italy (which will have exclusive use for two television seasons), first time format of a pay-TV. The management is entrusted to the live conductor Alessandro Cattelan. Main news edition will be the Extra Factor, airing immediately after the prime-time, with hot comments, guests and backstage, as well as on The X Factor. There was also the day-time, assigning tracks and evidence of their competitors, and some pills included in the schedule of Sky One. From October 20, 2011 were broadcast every Thursday while betting live specimens from 17 November. The end of January 5, 2012 was also broadcast on Sky 3D world premiere in three dimensions.
The winner of X Factor 5 is Francesca Michielin, Team Women 16-24 Simona Ventura.
Heaven sent in reply by October 21, 2011 the first four episodes of the show dedicated to auditions and boot camp, and from 20 November 2011, also the remaining episodes in a re-edited version 19.00. From December 3rd Heaven has aired in prime time replication to 21.00.
6 and October 13, 2011 at 22.00 have aired two special hour devoted to the jury to X Factor 5. The first of the two episodes is dedicated to Elio and Arisa, the second to Simona Ventura and Morgan.

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