4 dic 2011

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Best Christmas nativity scenes in Italy

italian nativity scenes
Nativity scene
The first Christmas nativity scene was made in Italy by St. Francis in 1223.
Since that date, every year at Christmas, the construction of a nativity scene is a must for every self-respecting Italian family, is a typically Italian tradition.
Most important tradition in the south Italy, but also in North, every family, every church, has their own nativity scene and there are cities where there are events in which they are exposed nativity scenes.

  • Today, we offer one of the greatest Italian artists skilled in the art of nativity scenes: the artist Giancarlo Beltrami, here presents 20 of their traditional nativity dioramas that have been restored for the occasion.
  • His crib poliscenico that enlivens faith and provides a representation of great religious art, strengthens its ties between the Italian theatrical tradition and rich in eighteenth-century nativity naturalistic details. His scenes (landscapes, homes, interior width of about 1.30 m, m depth of about 1.30 to 2 m and a height of about 3) are mainly characterized by the precision and expertise of natural and environmental details, the subtlety and expressiveness of the figures (made ​​of plaster and then painted) and bright colors. 

The artist can then be considered at the same time, painter, architect and designer of his artwork, below a video:.

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