21 dic 2011

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Best Italian bonfire: Novoli, Salento

italian bonfire
Italian bonfire
The word Focara (FOCARA) Salento is a dialect word that means simply a bonfire of firewood.
Now there are also fireworks, but this term is used to indicate the particular traditional rite in use in Salento to create piles of firewood at the crossroads of the city (especially in the municipalities of Surbiton and Novoli) and alight on the eve of the liturgical feast of Saint Anthony Abbot.
Around this blazing pyre is used to keep the families who have built (or families who live near the intersection) and trascrorrer the evening together.
Where did this tradition has its origin is not certain: perhaps from ancient pagan rituals, or perhaps in memory of an earthquake that struck the Salento centuries ago. 
The largest is built Focara Novoli, the biggest Italian bonfire, during the celebrations in honor of the patron saint St. Anthony Abbot. 
On 16 January the Focara is powered by a magnificent show of fireworks that light up the sky Novoles days. 
The event known throughout the Puglia attracts thousands of spectators from all over the south of Italy and was also the subject of a National Geographic documentary, below, the video of fireworks:

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